About Us

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Hey guys! We are the two foodies. Sarah and Lauren are two college students who love food more than your average person. Our goal is to provide insight on the best food across the country. There are A LOT of places around the country, and we are going to do our best to bring to light some of these magnificent places. We will let you know where we are traveling to and what we are feasting on. We hope to give you guys some insight into what you should get where.

We scour cities and surrounding areas looking for affordable eats that offer the best food nationwide! We will provide readers with reviews, tips and sometimes recipes in an attempt to broaden their range of culinary knowledge, both in eating the food and in traveling throughout the region. Our hope is that we can share all our food experiences with our readers so they in turn can become foodies themselves. Like we said before we are just two ordinary girls who share a love for food that is greater than your average person. Take a journey with us on this incredible ride across the country touring the best of, hidden gems and simply the finest food this nation has to offer. Enjoy!!